For Ann



Sometimes the smallest projects take the longest time. But that’s okay, because I believe we are intentionally drawn to certain projects for their meaning, and that can consume us in a healthy way. Lots of memories flooded back as this slow improv piece took form. Ann and I were at San Francisco State together studying to get into med school. We were a different breed, a few years older than the lot of them, “non-traditional pre-professionals” as they used to call us. That didn’t mean much, only that we had taken a few more years to decide on this all-consuming career path, had held a real job, and had some real world experiences under our belts. I’ll never forget the first day I met Ann in chemistry lab. Black benches and Bunsen burners surrounded us, as did the teeming pre-meds eager to get the grade. She had cat eye glasses with little rhinestones at the tips, and her straight blonde hair was cut in a slick angular bob. She was so friendly and cheerful, and I just wanted to be around her. We studied and partied and enjoyed those few years on the peninsula with our dogs and husbands. Those were great times weren’t they? Ann went to med school a year ahead of me and is now a gastroenterologist in Seattle with a wonderful family. She writes us a Christmas letter every single year and I so look forward to it. Go Ann! But she has also respected and encouraged me in all my non-medical endeavors. And that means a lot.  In fact, this mini quilt is composed primarily of her husband’s dress shirts that showed up in a box on my doorstep one day last year.   She knows I love re-purposing materials for  quilts.  Thank you for your support Ann.


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