Did you make these?


As the holidays approach us, the little maker elves start whispering sweet nothings into my ambitious ears.  “Wouldn’t it be nice to sew all the kids costumes for Halloween, and then dress your Thanksgiving table with handmade linens, and then a handmade tree skirt and stockings, and, and and…”  This is a pretty common internal dialogue for me around this time of year.  In order to simplify my holiday crafting and really enjoy the people and pleasures of this magical season, I’m going to share one of my all time favorite, and SIMPLE, holiday projects.


Fabric napkins add a subtle charm and warmth to any holiday table.  And they are always a crowd-pleaser.  “Did you make these?”  “Why yes I did!”  Truth be told, I use mine all year long, and they regularly inspire friends and family to learn the skill.  We have also stopped using paper napkins and paper towels in an effort to cut down on waste.  This is a great way to re-purpose fabric remnants, and my personal favorite, to cut into that lonely fat quarter bundle that’s been sitting on the shelf for years. Below I’ve shared two methods for making DIY fabric napkins.

The first is a single sided napkin using one piece of fabric.  You can make these with regular folded corners, or take a few extra minutes to make mitered corners.  After the first few washes, the wrinkles and crinkles hide the corner detail, so do what suits you.  I do a simple folded corner.



The second method is a double-sided napkin.  This is a great way to mix and match complimentary fabrics and add more visual interest.  It also creates a thicker napkin overall as it’s two pieces of fabric.  You can also add fun stitching (quilting) to these if desired.



I typically make my napkins between 16-18 inches square, but sometimes a rectangle or smaller napkin works just fine.  The standard restaurant napkin is around 18 inches square.  Maybe some smaller cocktail napkins would add some flare to your holiday bar!  Hmmm.  Might have to try that one.

See my favorite fabric napkin tutorials below.  Have fun sprucing up your holiday table, or make them your everyday go-to!


Double-sided napkins:

Sew Mod fabric napkins tutorial

Single layer fabric napkins:

With and without mitered corners:

Skip To My Lou fabric napkins tutorial




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