Union, 2018

Gifted to an absolutely fabulous couple embarking on life together in marriage, Union was made entirely with them in mind. But I must say, they already have quite a head start in many respects. Olivia and Ashwin spent the bulk of the last two years over-landing through North, Central and South America in a 4-runner. If that many hours in a car together doesn’t test the patience and virtue of a life mate, I have no clue what does. Only a true gentleman (Ashwin) will dig that many holes during your acute case of travelers diarrhea. And Olivia kept them nourished and satiated with her stellar vegetarian cuisine. See @thehealthycamper for her goodies and @aatre for his photographic chronicling of their journey. Just wow!

I used mprovisational piecing of four oversized log cabin blocks composed mostly of repurposed men’s dress shirting compliments of Good Will.   A few select gray and white solids mixed with yellow and red pops of interest, this quilt grew spontaneously before my eyes.  Quilting was done with improvisational Baptist fans by the illustrious Carol Ricciardi It certainly didn’t hurt to have an absolutely fabulous location to run around like the crazy quilter I am, hanging it here, draping it there, and snapping a gazillion photos.  Because that’s what quilters do right?  Enjoy the images below.   Personally, I think Union looks best on them.



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