Mommy and Me

I finally washed these two after a week bundled up in my suitcase.  Aromas of the salty sea, wedding celebrations, essential oils and the sweat of dance-o-rama brought me back to a glorious day.

Her’s is a Simplicity 1121 Girls’ Pullover Dress.  And mine is a mash-up of the Lottie Dress by Christine Haynes with a tiered skirt modification.  We were determined to use the oodles of Nani Iro Birds Eye in pink and yellow found at Shugeicraft (probably just let out my super-secret, epic japanese double gauze connection!) a few months ago.  If you’re familiar with this delicious fabric, you’ll know it takes some courage to cut it up and make something fabulous!

The Simplicity 1121 was the first non-independent pattern maker pattern I’ve used.  It was not the easiest to follow as a novice garment maker, so I’d recommend it to an intermediate-level sewist.  However there are so many darling modifications that can be made to this pattern.  It’s sturdy and twirls just like they want it to!  I particularly like the elastic back bodice and adjustable sash straps, both which allow for growth to the next couple of sizes up.

Christine Haynes’ patterns are some of the most pleasurable to follow.  I’ve been hoarding the Lottie Dress pattern since it’s release a few years ago, waiting for the perfect moment to use it… and this was it!  The Lottie likewise has lots of tasteful modifications.  In this one I used the standard bodice, but made a tiered skirt and then applied the Lottie Pattern Hack 4.  Here I’m enjoying some pre-ceremony posing with my beautiful cousin.

The accessories that made my heart sing along with the Nani, were pink Gap sneakers (perfect for dancing all night!), and my go-to stack-able rose quarts bracelets from Love The Art in Beaver, UT (now closed, insert sad face).  The earrings were a quick therapeutic make at the Bead Shop Laguna Beach where I spent many hours as an adolescent beading and making jewelry.


There’s another wedding coming up, so stay tuned for more celebratory updates!


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