The Making of Spring

Celestial Dress by Pattern Fantastique

Fen Pattern shirt by Fancy Tiger Crafts

My childhood dreams were few, and particular.  I wanted first and foremost to be a dancer, and with an unwavering specificity, a modern dancer.  Martha Graham had me at the big, flowing, layers-of-fabric gown in “Letter to the World.”  Dancing was one thing.  But dancing in a dress like that was other-worldly.

Secondly, I wanted to be a doctor.  I certainly longed to decode the human body.  How did it move and why?  Where do things go wrong?  What makes her hurt more than him?  How can genes be so cruel?  How will the family ride this wave of illness?  Partnership in navigating the human body was no small task, and I never looked back.

And then, to make my own clothes.  The sheer act of cutting and piecing together something that I could wear, my heart and sweat all over it, was simply spellbinding.

So I did all three.

This spring I committed to incorporating more makes by me, both in an effort to satisfy my childhood dreams, and to minimize the impact of a disposable industry.  A handmade wardrobe just feels right.


Winter restoration

Now February, a day after a buff blanket of snow fell on the Northern Colorado foothills, I remember birthdays past and that my celebration time has always been in winter.  I was a February baby, born in Chicago where surely my parents didn’t venture far those days and months after my birth.  The cold can be paralyzing, mood-defying and downright glum.  But it can also be bright and beautiful, calm and quiet, full of rest in preparation for the seasonal jump to spring.   It is a time of sport in the mountains, fireside chats, home almost certainly after dark, stew and wine, hot tea, quilts and unshaven legs.  Winter has become my friend and utterly necessary to restore and charge energies for the future.

“Pleasure” was my first quilt finish of 2018.  This work was particularly pleasurable after many months away from quilting.  A simple grid of squares in multiple shades of pink and green, machine and hand quilted.